Musings, newsings...

Just booked - The Con Club, Lewes, for late November.

The excellent online magazine for Songwriters, "Write Away", has a 2 pager on me and my song "Pennies" in July. Link to many thanks to Jane for that.

Yeow, the gig in Piddinghoe was truly rewarding and fun. the audience joined in on the first, yes THE FIRST, song and that made the whole set rock. The fish and chips was great too. Many thanks to my collaborator Rowena!

In September 2021 a highly creative event, the  "Celebration of Tide Mills" is taking place, down the road from me, run by LYT Productions. Tide Mills is a lost coastal village, originally a thriving flour mill and village, then the site of a hospital, sea plane training, radio station and more. It will be an immersive event over one week with performers, actors, artists, installations, events, a yurt... I will be playing a slot one evening - very tickled as there are great performers during the week, including the Copper Family, the Kites and Mercury Award nominee Sam Lee. It's just the sort of event I love to be a part of and I'm very excited by the whole thing.

"SHAME" was on Internet Radio Willingdon in March, thanks David "Wattsy" for that, a very nice choice of sounds for an hour of Sussex Showcase..

2 new efforts! I've added a song which is partly in French and I've collaborated with my friend/muse/teacher Charlie to add piano on 'The Pennies', any resemblance (the song not Charlie) to Billy Joel is purely intentional. I've upped the number of songs I'm allowed to use on the site - why not, get them out there!

"The boy with no name", for my new Grandson, Manny.

"The Buckle Belles" - for the sea swimmers of Seahaven.

"Ruthie Pie" - written for my daughter, to celebrate her special birthday.

 Radio Sussex played "Humanity" on the Joe Talbot Show, and he said "I think that's rather lovely" - this amid the mass of poppy pop is a compliment indeed, thank you Joe.

It's been a time of reflection and, as we've not been directly affected by illness, some peace. Time for writing and learning, catching up on half completed projects, DIY, sheditating, cooking, TV, longing, missing...  you.

Many thanks to Jon for the  photo's in our garden and with Lola the friendly horse.

A Spanish news site features "Can you hear me?".    I'm pleased to say the website has had hits worldwide with this song.

A Spanish news site features "Can you hear me?". I'm pleased to say the website has had hits worldwide with this song.