A selection of lyrics


It's a crying shame.

The way they move, up on that stage.

They way they act, they don't act their  age.

Against the dying, of the light they rage.

Don't make a fuss, watch 'Pointless'...

On the couch with us.

I mean we're happy, aren't we?



Brown as a berry, watching the pennies,

Seated on a bench, at the end of the pier.

Speakers by his side and his dog at his feet

And an old guitar in his hands.

Everyone hears, nobody listens.

His present's on show, his past is unclear.

Playing his 12 string the stickers tell the tale.

And the pennies, the pennies, pennies on his eyes.



I 've known mountains in my life, they've meant so much to me.

High or low, grass or snow, it's the journey that's the key.

The tops they may be distant, false summits mark my way.

If I cannot climb further I know I'll always say.

With the confidence of youth, I walked on higher peaks.

Not always to the summits but high enough for me.

And I stood upon those mountains, looked at what I'd left behind

And I reflect upon the mountains, the mountains of my mind.







HUMANITY   (a song of hope in times of Covid19)

I’ve seen photographs of you  

In colourful display.  

Like a star in a distant galaxy  

But on the news and on TV.  

It’’s just the dark side we see.  

So don’t shine bright on me.   

Though you’re unseen, we know where  

you’ve been.  

You leave a trail of broken hearts  

And right from the start  

We didn’t know where you’d go.  

Now we don’t know where you are.  

And that’s the scariest thing by far.  



Ring ring telephone, takes another call.

Sitting in the playground, six years old.

Two hundred followers on his Instagram.

Virtual friends, all over the land.

Digital human.

Doesn't want to go to school, happy in his room.

Now he's sixteen, eating with a spoon.

Don't need to worry mum I'll get up soon,

Just another Fortnite, spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon.

Digital Human


Sister Teresa

Come with me to a place, of beauty and grace

Come see the corridors, the gardens the halls,

The kitchen, the chapel, the cross on the walls.

See Sister Teresa down on her knees.

Saving her soul, sowing her seeds.

Mostly she thinks, it's a s good as it gets.,

But sometimes confesses - she has some regrets.

But her God will listen....